Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Two Chicago Erlangers will be doing something similar to this, for the Hackathon at Pumping Station in our fair city .

They are planning on putting together an interactive multiuser game with a Javascript client running in the browser connecting to an Erlang backend running in a Mochiweb server. It'll use long-polling comet to keep the players' browsers updated.

If anyone else in the area is interested in coding for 16 or so hours with them send email to our mailing list at

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Next Meeting: 9/9/09

The time and location:
We are confirmed for Wednesday at 6:00. Orbitz has agreed again to let us use their office space for the meetup. I need all the names of the people that will attend. Please email Martin at martinjlogan -at- gmail if you wish to attend.

The Talk:
Coding for the web and Nitrogen by Tristan Sloughter. If you know anyone in the city who perhaps would find this interesting spread the word.

P.S The meeting is BYOB