Saturday, April 24, 2010

CEUG April 21st meeting video - 3 of 3 (Q and A)

This is the final video in our series. There was quite a lot of interesting QA as usual and we have it all recorded here.

CEUG April 21st meeting video - 2 of 3 (Garrett on Java to Erlang.)

This is the second Erlang OTP video for the Chicago Erlang User Group April 21st meeting. Garrett covers transitioning to Erlang from Python and also does a great job talking about why Erlang in the first place. He humorously covers broad topics in this video from the Erlang standard library, to recursion, to how OTP is like Django!  Definitely worth watching.

If you are interested in coming to CEUG meetings and are in or near chicago checkout out our site for info on our meetings here

CEUG April 21st meeting video - 1 of 3 (Chris on Java to Erlang.)

We had a great chicago erlang user group meeting this April the 21st.  With almost 40 in attendance it was a packed house for sure.  We had two great talks. First was Chris Duesing on easing the transition to Erlang from Java and then Garrett Smith did similar but from a Python perspective.  Following that we had a long Q & A session.  

Here is the video of Chris's talk.  He covers in the video the basics of Erlang from data types, to functions, to pattern matching, to lambdas, to recursion, to processes and messaging.  Very thorough for a short talk.