Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chicago Erlang User Group Meeting Februrary 17th

The time and location:
We are confirmed for Wednesday February 17th at 6:00PM. Orbitz has agreed again to let us use their office space for the meetup. We need all the names of the people that will attend so we can place them on the security list. Please email to RSVP at martinjlogan -at- gmail.

The address for the talk is 500 W. Madison St, Chicago IL (the Olgilvie transportation center). Come up to the third floor, show your ID to the people at the desk. and give Martin a ring at 312 772 2310 so someone can come down and get you.

The Talk:
Several CEUG regulars are going to walk us through how they write Erlang. This will be a chance to see how other people get things done and what tools they use. Examples include Sinan, Faxien, git and Emacs.

P.S The meeting is BYOB

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