Thursday, September 16, 2010

July Meeting Videos

July 21, 2010 we had two great talks: LandShark, and Erlang Idioms.

Garrett's talk demoed his LandShark web infrastructure. He is using LandShark to make developing web based applications easier. Based loosely on the python wsgi mechanism, LandShark simplifies web interface creation.

Eric Marret and Martin Logan talked about common Erlang development idioms. An idiom is a common method of 'defining' how you develop applications. Exactly how should try/catch/throws be used?

Great talks, guys! Every time we meet we all learn something!

LandShark & Idioms Part 1

LandShark & Idioms Part 2

LandShark & Idioms Part 3

LandShark & Idioms Part 4 (Final)

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